About Onword Entertainment

Onword Entertainment is the home of Mike Ficklin’s creator owned works.  His first comic series, SHAM™ ©, is coming to Kickstarter very soon.  The company hopes to eventually roll out a few other original comic book series and get into some other forms of entertainment down the road.

About Mike Ficklin

Mike Ficklin is the owner of Onword Entertainment and the creator and writer of the forthcoming SHAM™© comic book series.  He is a lifelong fan of comic books.  He has been amateur writing for over 30 years.  SHAM™© will be his first published work.

He has a love for family, music, film, video games, television, animation, and sports.  When not writing or working, you will often find him spending time with his wife and son or taking in some of his favorite hobbies.  Some may also recognize him as the host and director of The Lifestream Final Fantasy Podcast found at Final Fantasy fan site TheLifestream.Net.