Official Statement on the Cancellation of the SHAM Kickstarter

Official Statement on the Cancellation of the SHAM Kickstarter

You may have noticed that today we cancelled the Kickstarter for SHAM and took it down. There are a myriad of reasons for doing so but the most obvious, and primary one, is because with only 4 days to go, there was just no hope of making our funding goal.

We want to very sincerely thank all who pledged towards the project. We also want to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, those that shared and liked our messages on social media to help us spread the word.

We do want to make it clear, however, that we are not giving up on SHAM. Instead, we are going to try going in a different direction with our attempt to get the book published. Admittedly, a lot of mistakes and misjudgments were made on our behalf when we attempted to get this funded through Kickstarter. We learned from those mistakes and we think the direction we are going in now will produce a better result.

It’s too early to spill the beans on what our plans are going forward but we will certainly keep you all informed as things progress. Thank you again for your support!

We will see you all very soon!

Mike Ficklin
Onword Entertainment
Creator, Writer, Letterer for SHAM

Emmis Touron
Pencils & Inks for SHAM

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